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Space Shuttle vs other work related deaths

Feb 4, 2003 / 9 Replies Before I say anything, let me say that I hated hearing what happened to the space shuttle Columbia the other day, and am saddened hearing about the 7 astronauts dying.

On Monday we were discussing the accident and started asking why these 7 people get so much attention, while when a soldier dies you only hear about it a few times as a footnote anymore. Or when a pharmaceutical factory in North Carolina blew up and 4 people died, you only heard about the explosion, but nothing about the people who died. The 7 astronauts died doing their jobs. So did the 4 people in the factory. You could make the case that the astronauts were heros or inspirational to some people, but could you not say the same about the factory workers or soldiers even if they weren't on a national stage?

Sorry if this offended anyone, and no disrespect to the fallen astronauts, but why are they getting so much focus and attention?